A book of Influences

At the Urban Sketchers Symposium Melanie Reim introduced us to her ‘book of influences’. An A4 plastic folder that she had filled with images that inspire her, and which she takes with her when she is sketching. The idea is not to copy someone else’s work, but to be encouraged to apply to our own practice, lessons that can be learned from the work of others.

I have gathered together a few of the images that I will be putting into my own book of influences; it has been an interesting exercise. While I have been choosing which pictures to include and which to leave out it has become clear that there is a massive difference between images that I admire, and those from which I would like to learn lessons.

Photography is a huge influence on my work, so it is no surprise to find so many picture by Robert Frank making it into my selection. What surprises me more is that all the photographs and illustrations I have selected are black and white.

As well as these influential images I would like to include two quotes into my ‘book of influences’:

‘What you reject…is just as important’ Robert Frank

‘If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.’ Robert Capa