A Fish Out of Water

Today, 90% of all imports are shipped, but shipping itself, like industry, has become invisible. The ships used to transport these materials and goods are built to withstand the force of the sea and storms and so they require huge amounts of energy to be dismantled.

A Fish Out of Water is a two year photographic project documenting the dismantling of a 5000 ton Royal Navy Tanker. Working in Collaboration with social scientist, Professor Nicky Gregson, Tim Mitchell spent 2 years observing and documenting the rigorous and problematic physical process of ‘breaking’ a ship in a country where health & safety and environmental protection are paramount. Currently, through loopholes in the law, most EU ships are broken up on the beaches of Asia at huge cost to life and surrounding environment.

This exhibition can be seen at the National Glass Centre, Liberty Way, Sunderland, SR6 0GL

photograph of a steel worker inside a tanker
Fish Out Of Water
photograph of part of the wheelhouse of a dismantled boat
Fish Out Of Water