Featured in Issue 10 of Aesthetip Magazine

The lovely Caroline Pedler has taken the time to write about my work for this months edition of Aesthetip magazine. Its a beautifully put together mag with some really stunning photographs, featuring the creative talent of those who live in Cornwall. Did you know there are more artists in Cornwall than anywhere else in England outside of London?

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A Fish Out of Water

Today, 90% of all imports are shipped, but shipping itself, like industry, has become invisible. The ships used to transport these materials and goods are built to withstand the force of the sea and storms and so they require huge amounts of energy to be dismantled.

A Fish Out of Water is a two year photographic project documenting the dismantling of a 5000 ton Royal Navy Tanker. Working in Collaboration with social scientist, Professor Nicky Gregson, Tim Mitchell spent 2 years observing and documenting the rigorous and problematic physical process of ‘breaking’ a ship in a country where health & safety and environmental protection are paramount. Currently, through loopholes in the law, most EU ships are broken up on the beaches of Asia at huge cost to life and surrounding environment.

This exhibition can be seen at the National Glass Centre, Liberty Way, Sunderland, SR6 0GL

photograph of a steel worker inside a tanker

Fish Out Of Water

photograph of part of the wheelhouse of a dismantled boat

Fish Out Of Water


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George Butler Interview

An interesting interview with George Butler about his current exhibition in London and his working process.

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A Year in Drawing

Reportage drawing by George Butler of Syria

Reportage drawing by George Butler

If you are in London over the summer and need a break from all the sun, how about checking out the reportage drawings that George Butler made in Syria? Butler’s recent work has won him both the editorial and overall winner of the prestigious V&A Illustration Award. His exhibition: A Year in drawing can be seen at the Illustration Cupboard Gallery from July 13th to August 3rd.

In August 2012 Butler walked the 4 km from the Turkish border to the town of Azaz in Northern Syria. There he documented the displaced returning to their homes, which had been raided or damaged in the crossfire or shelling.

I was greeted by casually dressed men, the Free Syrian Army. I was asked, “What did I want to do?” and “Make some drawings” was not necessarily the answer they were expecting. But then I wasn’t really ready to be offered a car, a translator and a place to stay in what had become a war zone. These drawings, done in situ, are not designed to compete with news teams or photographers but I hope offer an insight into how people react at a wholly vulnerable time.’

Butler is not a stranger to war zones. He was an embedded artist with his uncles regiment in Afghanistan. While the news teams chased the action around in the forward operating bases, George was stationed at the camps. He soon realized that the soldiers actually spent most of their time training or teaching the Afghan National Army inside the camp. His drawings are a record of the soldiers there.

‘I don’t think an illustrator can compete with the photo-journalists on the front line, the process is different. You are there for a longer amount of time when you are drawing. It’s open, people can see what you are doing, so you get a different reaction.’

Interestingly in the last 3 years, 2 of the winners of the V&A illustration Award have been reportage illustrators, Olivier Kugler won in 2011 for his 30 page illustrated Journal Massih”- A Trucker in Iran. Which documents a four-day trip with an Iranian truck driver from Tehran down to the Persian Gulf.

13th July 2013 to 3rd August 2013,

The Illustration Cupboard Gallery, 22 Bury Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y  6AL

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Winner of an AOI Illustration Award 2013

Entries for the Association of Illustrators Awards 2013
Entries for the Association of Illustrators Awards 2013

I entered two of my drawings in the From the Loft Floor series into the Association of Illustrators Award competition. They were ‘Johnny Fabricating the Gudgeons’ and ‘James Finishing the Mast’. I was very pleased to find out that my work had been short-listed for a prestigious AOI Award and didn’t imagine that I would go on to be chosen as the winner of my category, professional /self-initiated. The judges were particularly impressed that this extensive body of work has lead to a major exhibition in a national museum. For more information on this see my previous post.

The AOI Illustration Awards are the most comprehensive and highest profile illustration awards based in the UK. There will be a month long exhibition of all the category winners and selected short-listed work at Somerset House in London in October and an award ceremony, where the overall winner will be announced. Last year over 16, 000 visitors attended the AOI Awards exhibition at Somerset House, and many more were able to see the selected work during its nationwide tour. In addition all the winning artists will be featured in the Awards catalogue.

Heng Khoo, AOI Managing Director says, ‘The awards are about celebrating the work of great illustrators and the art of illustration itself.’

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