News: Illustration project is the inspiration for a major exhibition.

Photographs of the National Maritime Museum cornwall
Photographs of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Little did I know when I first started my project From the Loft Floor in September 2010 that it would lead to such a large body of work, with 50 drawings completed in 20 months. Now those drawings have become the inspiration for a four month long exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall about building wooden pilot cutters.

Starting in September 2013 the exhibition From the Loft Floor will be displayed in the Quarter Deck gallery. The drawings are a visual diary of the building of a traditional wooden pilot cutter by Luke Powell of Working Sail. I am incredibly excited that this exhibition will not only feature my drawings, but also details of a boatyard with tools, workbenches, boat plans and half models. Tom Cunliffe the well known yachtsman, author and television presenter will be giving a lecture on pilot cutters to accompany this exhibition on 25th September 2013. Tickets will be available from the National Maritime Museum.