Winner of an AOI Illustration Award 2013

Entries for the Association of Illustrators Awards 2013
Entries for the Association of Illustrators Awards 2013

I entered two of my drawings in the From the Loft Floor series into the Association of Illustrators Award competition. They were ‘Johnny Fabricating the Gudgeons’ and ‘James Finishing the Mast’. I was very pleased to find out that my work had been short-listed for a prestigious AOI Award and didn’t imagine that I would go on to be chosen as the winner of my category, professional /self-initiated. The judges were particularly impressed that this extensive body of work has lead to a major exhibition in a national museum. For more information on this see my previous post.

The AOI Illustration Awards are the most comprehensive and highest profile illustration awards based in the UK. There will be a month long exhibition of all the category winners and selected short-listed work at Somerset House in London in October and an award ceremony, where the overall winner will be announced. Last year over 16, 000 visitors attended the AOI Awards exhibition at Somerset House, and many more were able to see the selected work during its nationwide tour. In addition all the winning artists will be featured in the Awards catalogue.

Heng Khoo, AOI Managing Director says, ‘The awards are about celebrating the work of great illustrators and the art of illustration itself.’

News: Lift Out


photos of a blue fishing boat
photo montage of the fishing boat Blue Linnet being lifted for maintenance.

It has been a while since I posted anything on this blog. It wasn’t my intention to stop for so long, but time has passed incredibly quickly.

In September we lifted our home Blue Linnet out of the water for several weeks of much needed maintenance. Planks were replaced, and parts of the strake renewed, rot was fixed in the bulwarks and a few minor patches in the hull. Everything was painted, although we ran out of enough time and good weather to entirely complete this, antifouling was done and anodes were replaced. Thank you to everyone who helped.

By the middle of October we were back on our mooring and six weeks later I had a baby boy. I am afraid our dear son will be doomed to a lifetime of wooden boat maintenance and an encyclopaedic knowledge of boat construction and nautical terms. I suspect he will want to be an accountant in rebellion.

He is now 14 weeks old and my days are filled with nappies, as a result I am not doing as much drawing as I would like. However in a bid to maintain some thread of my work I have started a sketchbook/ notebook to record his early days, a kind of scrapbook memento. I will inevitable blog on this further as it comes together.